Lucy is aproximately 2yrs old & gets along good with other birds .. (came in with her green cheek Conure cage-mate). Happy girl who enjoys her toys, treats, hiding under paper in the bottom of her cage and sitting on her perch with her buddies. She's quiet except when she sees me in the kitchen chopping up vegetables-because she knows that she's going to get some as treats! Lucy is looking for ...
Ricky is a lovable green cheek conure. Ricky came into rescue with his cage-mate named Lucy. He's a happy and easy-going boy just like his Pal Lucy! He is A sociable boy who is always happy to see his foster parents, enjoys interactive Time with his foster family and other bird friends. Ricky is looking for a great forever home hopefully 1 who will also adopt his girlfriend Lucy!
HOME FOR three BONDED CONURES NEEDED NOW! They came in separately and overtime have been deliberately bonded together, tamed and social anxieties are gone, they re back in full feathers, healthy, sweet, on the quiet side and tame. By getting these a forever home we can then save more pets/dogs - our foster homes are full we need to make room, Shelters are killing dogs every day and adoptions ar...
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